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Our philosophy is old fashioned. We love wine; we are curious about wine and we taste lots of wine. For a wine to make it to our shelves is every bit as tough as getting on a top restaurant wine list


We write all of our own in store reviews and aren't big believers in assigning points to something as hard to pin down as what a wine tastes like.


We all drink what we sell, we love to cook (and eat!) and we love turning you on to a wine you may never have heard of -- whether it's a good, cheap red for Wednesday night's pasta or something special for your cellar.


Pike and Western is an old fashioned wine shop. Since our opening in 1975 we have seen a lot of changes in the wine world, the biggest being the number of wineries that have opened world wide! Back in the day we had to be many things to many people but as wine has become more accessible we have taken another road, featuring the small, the artisinal, the producers who produce wines of true character.


We are motivated by delicious wines, made in a manner that highlights their terroir, the people that grew the grapes and made the wine and the culture that surrounds them. We taste everything, we are opinionated and we can help you drink well within any budget.


When we opened our doors the Pike Place Market had just been saved by a vote of the Seattle people. It was then a local market. There were no tourists. Today that is not the case and we are the first to admit that summers can be crazy in the Market. But in its soul it is still a market for food loving locals. And that is why we are here. We live to talk to you about the fascinating subject that is wine. It’s a subject that is complex, confusing and we don’t want to strip wine of that. We just want to help you understand a bit more, one bottle at a time.

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Our People

Michael Teer

Michael began working at Pike and Western in 1980, buying the shop in 1991. His loves include Pamela Hinckley, Piemontese wine, Muscadet, vinyl records, great music, the Roots, the baddest band on the planet, and his fantastic staff. Even after all these years his enthusaism for the ever changing world of wine is as strong as ever.

Donna Moyer

Donna brings a passion and depth of knowledge to wine that makes her a perfect fit at Pike and Western. She has a huge curiosity and open mind about the world of wine, allowing her to zero in and find you exactly the wine you are looking for, even if you didn't know it existed.






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